SHADES Training!

NewGround Executive Director Aziza Hasan was recruited earlier this summer to provide intensive training for the Stop Hate and Delinquency by Empowering Students (SHADES) Program at the Museum of Tolerance. Click below to read more about the conversations that she and the young jurors had during the training! (more…)

Spotlight 2018!

What is a subtle but significant risk you’ve taken in the past week? Year? Century, eon? Having to do with faith, community, philosophy, relationship, or your own life decisions? See below for more information on an opportunity to showcase your story in the Fall.


NewGround Programs!

It is on the heels of wrapping up a sublime year with two fantastic NewGround cohorts – one from our Fellowship and the other from our high school leadership council (MAJIC) – that we at NewGround invite you to apply to our upcoming 2018-19 program cohorts! If you are interested in developing conflict resolution skills, lasting relationships, and your ability to communicate across communities, this opportunity is for you!