Change-maker’s Speaker’s Bureau


The NewGround Change-makers Speakers Bureau Seeks To:

  • Share information about the Young Professional Fellowship experience;
  • Model communication techniques for the greater community regarding Muslim and Jewish conversation; and
  • Fill a growing need for qualified speakers to present to and engage with local organizations throughout Southern California.

Potential Keynote Topics:

Muslim and Jewish Cooperation Basics – generally suited for high school, congregational audiences, and college students.

Communication Techniques – generally suited for an adult audience. Speakers will elaborate on the importance of shared values in Muslim-Jewish dialogue.

Israel/Palestine Conflict – generally suited for an audience of 16+ years old.

Your choice – suited specifically for your intended audience! Speakers can accommodate your requests. Please be sure to detail your expectations and how the Change-maker’s presentation will complement your series.

If you are interested in hearing from our Change-makers, fill out this form.