Circle of Courage


The Circle of Courage Campaign will inspire teens, young children, and adults alike to stand up against hate and join together as a community of the curious.

"Muslim and Jewish Youth Inspiring Change (MAJIC) is a high school leadership program created by NewGround: A Muslim-Jewish Partnership for Change."

This month, these Muslim and Jewish teenagers are bravely and publicly standing up for what is right.

We have seen this year that hate speech knows no boundaries – it crept into our politics, our religious institutions, and our neighborhoods. We need new voices that can speak to our communities about justice, freedom, and unity and are louder than the dissent and discord.

By entering conversations with curiosity, rather than assumptions about the other, we can understand each other in new and different ways, and find unity in our differences.

A special thanks to those who have made this project a reality.

  • Noor-Malika Chishti
  • Lala Khan
  • Saaliha Khan
  • Joe Nachison

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MAJIC-ians at the Circle of Courage event.
"Our teenagers have learned through their program the injustice of these blanket statements, and will spread a new message of curiosity over assumptions for the next generation."

Where your funding goes:

The funding you provide supports the filming, production, and editing of the video of the Circle of Courage which will be posted on YouTube and other social media. The students, and all additional Circle of Courage participants are volunteers and will not be paid for raising awareness of these critical issues.