NewGround talks Dialogue with the AP

In a timely article on Muslim-Jewish solidarity in American faith communities, NewGround speaks to the Associated Press on the importance of interfaith dialogue and the impacts it can have on Muslim and Jewish communities and individuals.

Here are some more details:

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“Amid conflict, Jews and Muslims in US seek solidarity” begins its discussion on solidarity with acknowledging the connections of Muslims, Jews, and other faith communities with events occurring in the Middle East. The NewGround message follows close behind, with Executive Director Aziza Hasan urging involved parties to communicate with one another.

The article comes in the midst of a national discussion about this recent decision by the Trump administration to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. It has been shared on the Washington Post, Business Insider, the Times of Israel, U.S. News, and other press outlets.

The full AP article can be accessed here.

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