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NewGround’s mandate is to provide Muslims and Jews with the listening and conflict resolution skills to break down barriers and enable them to work together for the common good of all and for the shared issues that face both communities. Become a monthly contributor to NewGround’s important vision of transforming communities through the power of relationships.


$18.00 every month

Community Engagement Session – This is where NewGround connects youth and young professionals with community leaders to develop their leadership & conflict resolution skills. ($216 annual contribution)


$105.00 every month

MAJIC Change-Maker – This gift gives one Muslims and Jews Inspiring Change high school leader the opportunity to become a change-maker through 12 civic engagement sessions and 2 retreats. ($1,250 annual contribution)


$208.00 every month

Sponsor a Pair of MAJIC Students- This sponsorship enables two high school student leaders to connect across faith boundaries, acknowledge their difference and build on similarities. ($2,500 annual contribution)


$300.00 every month

Change-maker Initiatives – Using their newly developed skills, change-makers select an issue to address, create an initiative and build partnerships in the community. ($3,600 annual contribution)


$417.00 every month

Fellow Change-maker- This gift gives one Fellow the opportunity to become a change-maker through participating in NewGround’s signature professional Fellowship program. ($5,000 annual contribution)


$717.00 every month

Sponsor a Community Event – This sponsorship enables you to sponsor one of our three annual community events: Spotlight Storytelling, Trailblazer Award, and Community Iftar. ($8,600 annual contribution)