Benazir comes from a home that holds strong family values of unconditional love, patience and unity. Another point highly emphasized during her upbringing was education, correspondingly she is a strong proponent of learning being a lifelong process. To this end, she acquired her bachelors degree in finance at the USC Marshall School of Business and later returned to USC for her masters at the Annenberg School for Communication. She hopes to further her educational reach in the near future. While lifelong learning ranks high for Benazir, so does spirituality and understanding the true essence of the soul. Throughout her life, both by family and by faith, immense significance was placed on the wise use of the intellect that is reflected in generosity towards the less fortunate along with practicing tolerance and fortitude in the face of adversity. In line with these core values, Benazir finds fulfillment in traveling to continually learn more about the world and volunteering in different capacities ~ all the while carrying an open heart and serene smile.