Molly Rubin grew up in the tight knit Jewish community of Atlanta, Georgia. She attended Tufts University and graduated with a BA in Literature before completing a Masters in Religious Studies at Arizona State University. Molly moved to New York to pursue additional graduate work in Jewish texts at a feminist Orthodox Yeshiva called Drisha. While at Drisha, she completed a fellowship at CLAL, an organization that promotes understanding between Jewish denominations. In 2002, Molly and her husband Zach had their twins, Yael and Akiva. Eventually, Molly and her family settled in Los Angeles, California. Molly is currently a stay-at-home mom while Zach practices medicine at UCLA. In 2009, Molly and Zach adopted their youngest daughter, Rosa, from Ethiopia. Raising Rosa has transformed Molly’s family, her cultural and religious identity, and her entire world view. Witnessing through Rosa’s eyes what it is like to be a person of color in this country, has challenged Molly and her family to envision the world beyond the lens of their American Jewish identity. Molly is committing to the NewGround Changemaker Program as part of her ongoing exploration of how her family fits into a larger multi-faceted American community.