Multiples times a week Sani Abdul-Jabbar is asked if he is related to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Well, he is not! Sani is an entrepreneur, and an expert in product management and digital product strategies and solutions. He is always on a hunt for ideas worth supporting. He’s the founder of a technology consulting firm that helps shorten the time that tech. startups take to go from idea to revenue. Sani moved to Southern California in 2003 after graduating from the business school in Illinois. He found LA to be too large to easily establish valuable networks of friends and mentors. It wasn’t until years later that he found, in his words, “my clan”. The lesson learnt for him was to actively seek people who inspire you and help you evolve professionally and personally. In part, it was his search for those friends and mentors that brought him to the New Ground fellowship. Sani receives inspiration from his family; and takes pride in helping others create economic opportunities for themselves. He enjoys reading, traveling, and performing arts. When not at work, he might be found with his two sons exploring a local museum or shooting aliens at the arcade.