Spotlight 2018!

What is a subtle but significant risk you’ve taken in the past week? Year? Century, eon? Having to do with faith, community, philosophy, relationship, or your own life decisions? See below for more information on an opportunity to showcase your story in the Fall.

Each year, NewGround is proud to host a Spotlight Storytelling event, during which community members, friends, and visitors come to support those close to them and enjoy an evening of narrative and performance.

Each year, multiple storytellers, coming from across the Muslim and Jewish traditions, are selected to share a narrative close to them with the NewGround community. Typically, these narratives all share a common theme. This year, that common theme is risk.

We want you to think of risk in any way that you would like, and we encourage interested storytellers to allow themselves the opportunity to think about what risk means to them and how it has been exhibited in their lives.

Does a particular time come to mind in which you stepped out, came forward, or spoke up? If so, or if you believe you have a risky story of another variety to tell, you can find more information on Spotlight here and you can find the application portal here. Applications are due by July 31.

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