Jackson Trager

Jackson was born and raised in Los Angeles California. In the spring he graduated with honors from California State University Northridge double majoring in Psychology and Religious Studies with a minor in Jewish Studies. He has an academic passion for exploring and understanding cultural/religious identity as he explores and defines his own identity. He recently spent the last two summers abroad in Europe and the Middle East chasing this passion. He currently enjoys teaching 5th grade at Ohr Hatorah religious school in Mar Vista where he is also an active member of the community. Next Fall he will be attending Queen’s University Belfast where he will earn his Masters in Anthropology with a focus on Cognition and Culture studying Middle Eastern identity. He is honored to be apart of this year’s cohort of Newgrounds, to have the opportunity to be a beacon of light, showing society what he already knows to be true; that love, friendship, and understanding are more powerful than hate, fear, and violence.