Tom Earl

Tom Earl is a Poet, Musician, and Facilitator with a mission to create a world free from discrimination through art, activism, and inclusion. Tom Earl believes in the power of relationships, creative expression, and dialogue to transform and inspire. Tom Earl works as a consultant, facilitator, and programs manager for various non-profit, education, and community organizations. His work focuses on leadership development, diversity education, the arts, and experiential learning. Tom Earl has the honor of using art as a vehicle for change in collaboration with a diverse range of organizations and institutions. His passions include spoken word, visual arts and music. Tom Earl leads workshops that use art as a processing tool and as a way of telling our unique stories. Tom Earl hosts a monthly youth open mic and creative workshop, sponsored by Muslims for Progressive Values. Tom Earl is committed to joining this year’s Fellowship because he passionately believes in the NewGround mission, community, and process. To contact Tom Earl or for more information please visit