MAJIC Film Launch!

Each year, NewGround welcomes a select cohort of high-school aged leaders, 12 Muslims and 12 Jews, to participate in our MAJIC program as Muslims and Jews Inspiring Change. This year, we created three films to document their experience.

As we celebrate America’s independence, we recognize that we as Americans are struggling with the concept of our interdependence. We are in awe of the way young people throughout our country are rising to this challenge. Right here in Los Angeles, through NewGround: a Muslim Jewish Partnership for Change’s MAJIC, 12 Muslim and 12 Jewish high school students came together over this past year to transform their communities through the power of relationships.

To culminate their seven months together, our MAJICians, in partnership with The Righteous Conversation Project, collaborated with one another to create three videos to share their message of #Interdependence.

This is the first of three videos they created. This video represents the point at which their journey began: with #CuriosityFirst.

This is the second video they created. This video emphasizes #ConstructiveDiscomfort, and not only recounts the methods through which our MAJICians sought to engage with one another but details their experiences with these methods.


Finally, this is the third video created by our MAJICians, and represents the very culmination of their journey(s) together with an embracing of #interdependence.

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