Spotlight Storytelling

Spotlight is no longer held annually as a NewGround event. See below to learn more about its history and where you can listen to the stories that came out through Spotlight.

With its debut 2011, NewGround hosted Spotlight for nearly a decade, with its last installment being in 2018. A community-building night of authentic storytelling, formatted similarly to NPR’s “The Moth,” Spotlight initially acted as our local celebration of the annual Weekend of Twinning event convened by the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding. As the years passed by, it became more and more a convening quirk of the Los Angeles-based NewGround community.

Today, Spotlight is no longer held annually, but we find it to be imperative to our mission to continue sharing the funny, touching, angry, thoughtful, and genuine stories that have built up over the years. You can browse through and listen to these many stories by listening to our podcast, Mission in Action, which is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and Google Podcasts.

Watch below as eight incredible performers from our Spotlight in November 2014 share their powerful personal stories, such as converting from Judaism to Judaism and discovering the truth in our grandparents’ secrets.

You can browse the provided videos for poetry, beat-boxing, movement, and more– all from NewGround’s evening of community-building and storytelling.

Click here to watch videos from previous years: