Meeting the Moment Podcast

NewGround Board Member, community leader, and communications strategist Edina Lekovic has recently launched her podcast Meeting the Moment.

The podcast explores our capacity to dig deep and step up during the most challenging moments in our lives.

We are excited to share that the latest episode is a feature interview with NewGround’s Executive Director Aziza Hasan.

Here’s an excerpt from the episode’s description:

In this conversation, Aziza explains why choosing curiosity over assumptions is the most powerful choice we can make during conflict. Plus, Aziza shares why feels she was born into the work of inter-religious community building through conflict transformation and we reflect on our decade of bringing people together for difficult conversations and relational resilience.

You can listen to this epsiode here, on MTMpod.comApple PodcastsStitcherSoundCloud, Google Play and most places you listen to podcasts.

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