Rachel is the American Jewish Committee’s lead staff member for ACCESS LA, AJC LA’s Young Professionals Leadership Program. She prepares the next generation of Jewish leaders on critical domestic and international issues facing the Jewish community by engaging diplomats, key opinion makers, and young leaders of diverse religious and ethnic backgrounds. Her interests include human rights, and international and interfaith relations. She has worked for various human rights-focused NGOs, and was a Staff Leader on the academic gap year program, KIVUNIM: New Directions, traveling to 12 countries exploring their religious communities, history, politics, and cultures. Prior to KIVUNIM, she worked for Repair the World in Philadelphia, working with refugee families and volunteering in local schools. She is a 2013 UC Santa Cruz Phi Beta Kappa graduate, and double majored in Legal Studies and Psychology. While an undergraduate, she spent six months in Ghana researching the Ghanaian education system and exploring the ins and outs of the country. She was in Washington DC as a UC Public Service Fellow researching US foreign policy for a DC think tank. During her free time, Rachel enjoys capoeira (Brazilian martial arts), modern dance, and running. She is excited to be part of the next cohort of Fellows and change-makers to build bridges between the Jewish and Muslim communities in LA.