Community Iftars 2024

NewGround Interfaith Community Iftar

This year, we encourage you to add a NewGround touch to your Iftar


As we welcome Ramadan this year, we know that this beautiful time is tinged with immense grief. Because we continue to experience the excruciating reality in Gaza and Israel, we have decided that this moment calls for something more intimate and personal – a format where we can be together as we stand in the divides between and within our communities. 

Instead of convening our traditional large and celebratory Iftar this year, we are encouraging you to gather with people you care about and to be there for one another, to ask thoughtful and loving questions that widen our perspectives. As such we would like to invite you to host your own Iftar for Muslims, Jews and allies, to hold one another and be there for each other. 

When people gather in more intimate settings, the connections are more powerful. Right now, when so many of us feel isolated and in despair, we need those close connections. We need to balance our inner and outer work – our personal reflection and gathering together to build our compassion and resilience. Both practices are necessary to answer this crucial question: Who are we in this moment? 

At a time when so many of us are feeling isolated and in despair, it may feel awkward and even futile to be in community. In the spirit of Ramadan, this is exactly when we need to be present for each other. Our traditions call on us to show up, grieve in community and hold space for telling stories of our loved ones. We are all called to do something together. 

Help us continue to bring the NewGround community together in this challenging time. 

Click below to sign up to host a NewGround Iftar during Ramadan.  Once you do, we will share a program and best practices that you may adjust to your gathering

In the spirit of a smaller Iftar, join NewGround and Nefesh for an Iftar at St. Paul’s Commons (space limited)

During this time of grief we will join together to learn, pray, and break our fasts. We will uplift stories of Gazans and stories of Israelis, and we ask you to bring a picture of someone you are mourning, whether you know them personally, or their story has especially moved you. This is an important opportunity for our communities to connect and we are so grateful to gather in partnership with St. Paul’s Commons.
We hope you will join us for an evening of warmth, learning and mutual support.