Public Forum on Antisemitism – May 2nd 2023!

NewGround hosted a public forum on antisemitism with experts Stephen Smith (ED Emeritus of USC Shoah Foundation), Ken Stern (Director at Bard Center for the Study of Hate), and Eric Ward (Race Forward), on a panel moderated by our board co-chair Rabbi Sarah Bassin.

We are deeply concerned about the violence and harassment that both Jews and Muslims in Los Angeles have experienced in the last several months. We need to confront this rise in anti-Jewish and anti-Muslim hate and bias as we stand together to protect each other and our civil society. 

The panelists delved into how anti-Jewish tropes and conspiracy theories are used as weapons against democracy, and the real-life consequences for Jews when this rhetoric is deployed. You can watch the recording of the conversation on our Facebook page and YouTube channel

Both panelists and participants came away feeling empowered by the conversation. Eric Ward reached out to us and shared his reflection: 

The space that NewGround holds is one of the most courageous in the country. I don’t underestimate the deep work and strength that it will take to nurture such a space and it leads me to one big piece of hope. If ‘forward, together’ can be forged within NewGround, it can be forged anywhere.


Later this year, we will explore how anti-Muslim hate and bias are manifesting in the current context, and what it means for Muslims and allies. We hope you’ll join together with us again for this critical parallel conversation.

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