Aziza Hasan: CA Influencer!

This year, the Sacramento Bee has named NewGround Executive Director Aziza Hasan a California Influencer, as part of a series that addresses issues directly affecting Californians. Click below to hear Aziza’s thoughts on investment in education, going to the polls, and more!

As part of the California Influencer series, the Sacramento Bee routinely asks its influencers, including Sen. Barbara Boxer, University of California president Janet Napolitano, and our very own Executive Director Aziza Hasan, for thoughtful and informed input on issues directly affecting Californians. In the series’ most recent installment, the Bee’s 60 influencers were asked to weigh in on healthcare initiatives proposed by California candidates for governor. Aziza “As someone who works to bring people together across differences, I realize that oftentimes, we dance around big concepts without truly addressing the issues… [a] real conversation around this issue would include detailing what health care portability would look like.”

To read Aziza’s full comments, please see the Bee’s full article here. To look through other recent Influencer commentary on issues facing Californians, such as Aziza’s two cents on schooling and artificial intelligence, click here.

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