Home: True Stories of LA’s Muslims and Jews

Home: True Stories of LA’s Muslims and Jews


On December 2nd, 2012, sixteen Muslim and Jewish organizations across Los Angeles joined to create a unique cultural event centered around the theme of “home” with music, stories and interactive art installations. Inspired by the wildly popular Moth Story Slams, six Muslims and Jews shared their true tales about what “home” means to them as audience members had the opportunity to explore the concept for themselves. Over two hundred people came to hear tales that took the audience on a journey from Eastern Europe, London, to Bangladesh, New York and Los Angeles and covered everything from recipes for guava jam to escaping from Torah camp.

Stories of Home

Amir Abdullah
This is the Deep South

Melanie Zoey Weinstein
Escape from Torah Camp

Esther Kustanowitz
What Home Can and Should Mean

Julia Moss
Cadillacs and Orange Trees

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