Ali Jakvani

Ali Jakvani is the youth coordinator of the Alumni Association at the Islamic Center of San Gabriel Valley, and also serves as the Chairman for the Young Muslim American Leaders Advisory Council – a partnership with LASD. He has degrees in psychology / law and society and is currently working on preventing homegrown violent extremism through a multidisciplinary approach with various NGO’s, academic and governments institutions. Professionally he is an international businessman who frequents the gulf countries for business development and consulting, but his passion for public safety is reflected in his extracurricular works. He spoke on several occasions in the Washington, D.C. Area -twice at the White House, The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) headquarters in Langley, VA, the National Institute of Justice(NIJ) forum and he most recently spoke at the annual police executive research forum in Minneapolis to promote outreach efforts as a tool to build healthy relationships for a more resilient community. He continues to speak to local communities about the importance of engagement between minority communities with both local and national government entities. He believes that, in order to prevent all types of violent extremism is to promote alliances, educate, and to bridge the trust deficits that prevent healthy relationship building. Ali also serves as an advisor to a NPO called “One Medium: Coexist for Humanity”, a humanitarian aid group founded by his younger sister in high school as a response to racism she experienced. His most recent project is cofounding Avicenna Center for Pursuing Peace, a global initiative to restore and preserve the image of Islam by establishing a covenant signed by international religious leaders declaring the denouncement of terrorism. The initiative will be launched Early 2016 in Washington DC.