NewGround on BuzzFeed and CCF

Videos“A priest, a rabbi, and an imam get together…”

With over 1,000,000+ views, check out the latest BuzzFeed video featuring NewGround Board member Rabbi Susan Goldberg; MAJIC Advisory Board member, Jihad Turk; and Reverend Francisco Garcia. The religious leaders got together on camera to discuss their religious stances on tough, contemporary issues. Throughout the video, Rabbi Susan Goldberg emphasizes the importance of listening and practicing empathy and compassion with one another.

A NewGround Vision for Los Angeles

On New Year’s Eve, the California Community Foundation as part of its Centennial Celebration and Legacy Campaign posted this #LAtogether short video sharing NewGround Executive Director Aziza Hasan’s vision for Los Angeles: “A place where we have the COURAGE to tell our stories and CONNECT with each other.”

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